Learn How to Play Slot Machines Like Five Guys

This is the story of how Slot88, an Indonesian band from Jakarta joined forces with Dan Terbat, an Indonesian band from Singapore. The story goes like this: Terbat approached Slot88 about doing a song for their Indonesian album called “Auko”. They asked their guitarist in Singapore, “What’s up?” “We’re trying to make a demo for our new song,” said Slot. “Ako! Ako!”

Soon after this, they approached the manager of the now-famous Bamboo Records, wanting them to handle the deal for them in the United States. They explained to the manager that they wanted to do a song and they needed a good vocalist. “Bamboo,” they replied, “is our connection.” It turned out that Bamboo Records was the one who made it happen. The two bands got signed by the now-famous American label, Universal Music Group.
Now here comes the interesting part: Did the Bamboo guys know anything about traditional jiu-jitsu? No. They were not familiar with the principles of stand-up karate, or katas, or kung fu, and they didn’t want to learn any martial arts in order to fit in with the band — that would have been too much of a hassle, they said — so they just tapped into what they knew best: Rock and roll music.
Entering the studio, the band members had no idea what to expect. When they stepped into the studio, however, the sound was electrifying. From the start, the trainer recognized immediately that this was going to be an easy challenge. He had to help the foursome find the rhythm to a slot machine game. No problem. The band was very good at playing cover songs and jingles, so there was no problem learning a few tunes.
They were so into it all that they forgot to stop and go “uh-oh” when they hit the hot spot on the screen. Of course, the screen is a little more sensitive than you may think: If you press the hot spot too hard, your voice may crack. When the screen was touched by too much pressure, the agen disappeared for a split second and then reappeared. The player then needed to tap the screen again and repeat the sequence that he or she had started.
The band eventually won the first jackpot — a whopping $10,000! And then they broke their streak two days later, bringing in another $4k jackpot. The third slot machine win put them in a position to buy their own homes with those winnings, too. So it goes without saying: Don’t miss out on learning how to play slot machines like the five guys. It’s fun and easy.

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